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Have a Minute? Check out this poll!

Let's break the ice. I've created this quick poll to get to know you better!

How do you take your coffee?

  • Cream and two sugars, please.

  • Cream, sugar, foam, syrup, whip - heck, all of the above!

  • Black.

  • I don't drink coffee.

How did you find my website?

  • We've worked together on a project.

  • I'm looking for a writer or technical assistant.

  • I know you personally, or I'm a fellow freelancer.

  • Where am I? Who are you?

What kind of blog content would you like to see?

  • Posts about freelance writing and work stuff.

  • Trends, news stories, and hot takes.

  • Fitness and health posts, reviews, recipes, and more.

  • Random fun posts! Polls, music, lifestyle, etc.

How would you describe your writing or brand's voice?

  • Informative, helpful, and clear.

  • Creative, witty, and attention-grabbing.

  • Warm, natural, and aspirational.

  • Casual, humorous, and comfortable.

What is a business goal you'd like to accomplish?

  • Clear, error-free documents.

  • Higher search engine ranking.

  • Better customer relationships.

  • I'm not sure or I'm just getting started.

What colors and styles do you gravitate toward in marketing?

  • Bright, warm colors and stand-out designs.

  • Neutrals, earth tones, and relaxed designs.

  • Neons or pastel colors and trendy designs.

  • Black, white, blue, and timeless designs.

Pick a prize: what do you need most?

  • A cozy nap.

  • A sweet treat.

  • A hug from a loved one.

  • A little help with a task.

How do you plan to treat yourself today?

  • I'm taking it easy with work or chores.

  • I'm cooking my favorite dinner.

  • A long, hot bath sounds nice.

  • I'll watch a movie or read a book tonight.


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