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Hello World. 

Who I am:

My name is Brooke E. Younger. I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. In 2021, I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor's degree in English and a minor in Sociology. Shortly after graduation, I moved to a new city and began working towards my aspirations of writing. In February of 2022, I made the big leap into full-time freelance writing, and I never looked back. This is my professional website and blog dedicated to showcasing my content and sharing my journey!

Of course, I'm also much more than the sum of my successes. I appreciate that my career gives me the flexibility to enjoy other things I love, like cooking healthy plant-based meals, reading lots of books, and spending time with my cats. I'm a bit of a baby gym rat -- you can catch me pumping iron or pigeon pose-ing at least seven hours a week -- and I love to relax with handicrafts like crochet, sewing, drawing, and painting.  

Why I Write: 

I have always been a fool for language. By age eleven, I was breezing through Shakespeare -- one of my great loves still today. In high school, I began writing poetry. In college, I craved research essays. My favorite course was English Syntax. Today, I still get butterflies when I'm writing a really great piece. When I tell you I love language, I mean I love its sounds, its structures, its rules, its flaws, its culture, its history, and its limitless possibilities.  

What I write about: 

In my time as a freelance writer, I've written about plum near everything you could think of. My friends often tease me for interjecting conversations with "hey, I wrote an article about that!" I am always working to diversify and expand my field of knowledge. Lately, I've settled into a niche writing interior design, home improvement, luxury food, travel, and lifestyle pieces.


Why I'm here: 

My nickname and website domain name was originally coined by a fellow creative friend in high school. For me, it has come to symbolize the joy in small moments and the celebration of our human drive to understand, create, and connect with one another.


Create something! Even if it is small, it is amazing. It is worth knowing.

A drop in the ocean. A pen in the page stack. A Brooke in the meadow. 

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