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The Weight of Our World 

In the white rims of his eyes, I see
A place to rest, a trustworthy
Solace. A blue iris to sink
Deeply in, to curl 
My spine against. 
I breathe in 
the warmth 
Of his shoulder cove.
My face, a teary drunken pearl
In his mineral-veined hands,
Gazes up to ask, “Are you going to marry me?” 
Resting at the edge of uncertainty. 
I’m assured I am a stone worth keeping. 
I do not fear the dawn tide growing 
Around us. He is wind  
Wrapping the sheets
In shadowed waves
Over our bodies. 
Our legs intertwine 
Far below the surface, weightless. 
Our fates are cast far ahead of the horizon. 
In our time on the shore, I am yours. 
I am learning love washes us up. 
That each grain of sand is eternal. 
It is enough to prove
We cannot die. 

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